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FAQ's/About us

Spotlight Treasures was created by two friends with similiar goals and interests.  We are building this business with the good intentions of our neighbors in mind. 

We, Melissa and Renee, are two women from the local area and met while working at a local animal hospital.  We share an interest in antiques and collectibles.  Putting our faith in each other, we decided to launch an estate sale business to both expand our knowledge and commit to assisting local families in liquidating their estate, no matter the reason.

We are members of the Antique & Collectibles National Association, members of the Walpole Chamber of Commerce and are licensed and insured.  We are also listed on  You can relax knowing we are a professional company using all available resources to bring you the highest profits during your estate sale.

Everyone's family faces changes, but we strive to ease the burden and help make your transition less stressful.  Let us do the work for you.  


What is an "estate sale"?
For various reasons, an estate sale is a way to liquidate the contents of a home.  Are you downsizing?  Has a loved one gone into assisted living or passed on?  Has a home been abandoned?  Don't think you have to have a large mansion to have an estate sale! Every situation is different and we look at every sale on an individual basis.  These are often very stressful times for those involved.  Estate sales are held inside the home, and all items are for sale.   We evaluate the items and price them at a fair price for their used condition. 

What sort of items sell at a sale?
It's not just antiques found at a sale.  Kitchenware, holiday decorations, interior decor, baskets, appliances and all those odds and ends we keep in the junk drawer become part of the sale.  Other items can include furniture, artwork, rugs, pots & pans, knick knacks, bedding, clothing...the list is endless.
Right now, re-purposing is becoming more mainstream and it is not unusual for those old curtains, that box of buttons, left over pieces of wood or broken window frames to find their way into a new life!

Do we have to be present at the time of the sale?
Not at all.  Though we often find, no matter how prepared most people think they are, it can be an overwhelming time.  Everyone places an emotional value on their items, and it can be difficult to separate that into monetary value.  We encourage you to step back and let us do the work for you.  But ultimately the choice is yours to be present or not. 

How much money do we have to give you "up front"?
There are NO up front costs to you.  We take care of the advertising, the directional signage and any costs associated with valuation.

Can anyone come to the sale or is it private?
Our sales are open to the public. 

Do you have any additional questions?  Please send us an email and we will be happy to answer them for you!

Messages from some of our recent clients:
"You did such an amazing job and my family and I appreciate all you did. Your care, kindness and respect of everything is amazing. I hope that anyone who reads this knows that if they have to deal with something like this, your company is the one to call. You are both wonderful, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts."  --Jennifer P.
"My husband and I want to thank Spotlight Treasures for all their hard work in preparing for our estate sale including the 2 days they worked the sale. Very professional and courteous staff!!!!! We would highly recommend them if you are ever in need of an estate sale!!!!!"  --Lori K.

"Melissa and Renee were wonderful through our downsizing sale.  They put endless hours into ensuring it was a successful sale. We could not have done this without them.
They are a committed and fun team!  Would highly recommend them." -- Norma C.
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